ChallengeStriving for better syntax

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Or, as I like to call them, yes another stupid language limitation. I did some work today on Rhino Mocks, and after being immersed for so long in DSL land, I had a rude awakening when I remembered just how much inflexible the C# language is.

Case in point, I have the following interface:

public interface IDuckPond
	Duck GetDuckById(int id);
	Duck GetDuckByNameAndQuack(string name, Quack q);

I want to get to a situation where the following will compile successfully:

IDuckPond pond = null;
pond.Stub( x => x.GetDuckById );
pond.Stub( x => x.GetDuckByNameAndQuack );

Any ideas?

Note that unlike my other challenges, I have no idea if this is possible. I am posting this after I got fed up with the limitations of the language.

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