ChallengeEfficient querying

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This issue came out in my Alexandria sample app. I wanted to have a Queue of books for each user, and each book has a collection of its authors. The model looks something like this:


And the physical data model:


So far, so good, and relatively simple and straightforward to work with, right?

Except, what kind of a query would you want to make to get all the books in the user’s queue? Here is the code that uses your results:

bus.Reply(new MyQueueResponse
    UserId = message.UserId,
    Timestamp = DateTime.Now,
    Queue = books.Select(book => new BookDTO
        Id = book.Id,
        Image = book.Image,
        Name = book.Name,
        Authors = book.Authors.Select(x => x.Name).ToArray()

Hint, note that we need to bring the Book’s image as well, and pay attention to the number of joins you require as well as the number of queries.

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