ChallengeMinimum number of round trips

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We are working on creating better experience for RavenDB & Sharding, and that led us to the following piece of code:

shardedSession.Load<Post>("posts/1234", "post/3214", "posts/1232", "posts/1238", "posts/1232");

And the following Shard function:

public static string[] GetAppropriateUrls(string id)
    switch (id.Last())
        case '4':
            return new[] { "http://srv-4", "http://srv-backup-4" };

        case '2':
            return new[] { "http://srv-2" };

        case '8':
            return new[] { "http://srv-backup-4" };

            throw new InvalidOperationException();

Write a function that would make the minimum number of queries to load of all the posts from all of the servers.

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