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More RavenDB Workshops

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We are running another set of full day RavenDB Workshopsimage.

During the month of June we’ll run workshop in:

  • London, UK
  • São Paolo, Brazil
  • Chicago, USA

We are now running with the early bird discount, so I suggest early registration.

We will dive deeply into RavenDB 4.0, and all the new and exciting things it can do for you. This workshop is for developers and their operations teams who want to know RavenDB better.

Full RavenDB 4.0 Workshop is now available

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imageThe full RavenDB 4.0 workshop, with over 4 hours of me talking and demoing things live.  I’m covering there everything from how RavenDB stores documents, how to model your data to best take advantage of what RavenDB has to offer all the way to the need for distributed data networks and taking you step by step in setting up a cluster of nodes that replicate data to one another in real time.

The main chapters for the workshop are:

  • What is NoSQL and Why do We Need it?
  • The Value in Combining ACID and NoSQL
  • Setting up RavenDB 4.0: Installing Security
  • RavenDB 4.0: Querying, Indexing, and Dynamic Indexes
  • Setting up a Distributed Database with a RavenDB Cluster
  • Data Modeling in a NoSQL Document Database
  • Relations between Documents in RavenDB 4.0
  • Drilldown on Querying Documents with RQL
  • The Performance Advantages to Indexing with RavenDB 4.0
  • Result Projections – The Next Generation of JOIN Statements
  • Results: Includes & Hitchhiking
  • Super Fast Aggregation with Map Reduce
  • Diving into Code with RavenDB 4.0
  • Questions and Answers

You can register here to watch this workshop for free.

ReminderEarly bird pricing for RavenDB workshops about to close

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imageThe early bird pricing for the Q1 RavenDB workshops is about to end, hurry up and register. We have workshops in Tel Aviv, San Francisco and New York in this round and are working on Q2 workshop Europe and South America now.

In the workshop, we will dive deeply into RavenDB 4.0, and all the new and exciting things it can do for you. This is meant for developers and their operations teams who want to know RavenDB better.

This blog is now running RavenDB 4.0

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We are currently busy converting our entire infrastructure to the new version. Somehow we gathered quite a bit of stuff internally, so that is taking some time. However, this blog is now running on RavenDB 4.0. It feels faster, but we haven’t done proper measurements yet. Primarily because this blog was written to be a sample app for RavenDB about seven years ago, and the code show its age.

We’ll be working on also upgrading that to a more modern system. In particular, we want to turn that into a sample app of how to properly deploy a RavenDB 4.0 application for the modern world. This means that beside actually talking to a highly available cluster, the blog itself is going to be distributed and highly available. The idea is that it would be nice to not take down anything while we are updating stuff, but at the same time, the blog is small enough that it makes it possible to talk about its high availability features without drowning in details.

True work on that is going to start next week, and we would appreciate any feedback on what you are interested in seeing. I’ll probably make that into a series of posts, detailing how to take an existing RavenDB application and move it to RavenDB 4.0, adding all the nice touches along the way, ending up in a distributed and highly available system that can be deployed to production and survive all the nasty things going on there.

So please let me know what you’ll like us to cover.

The RavenDB 4.0 Workshops are now opened

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blog-imgI’m going to be giving several workshops about RavenDB 4.0 in the next few months. You can see the full details here, but the gist of it is that these are full day workshops with yours truly, aimed to take you from knowing absolutely nothing about RavenDB to building complex systems on top of it.

We’ll cover how to deploy a cluster, model your application data, query it effectively and in general anything you need to know about RavenDB 4.0. I’m also going to do deep dives into several fascinating topics, such as high available, dynamic configuration and the kind of queries that are enabled by the new version.

We are running the workshops in San Francisco, New York and Tel Aviv in the first quarter of the 2018. We’ll announce more workshops in a couple of months, in more locations.

This is a good chance to use your 2017 training budget before the clocks run out. For the next 30 days, we are offering an 25% discount for early birds.

Looking for a security review

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I’m reaching out through my contacts, and I thought that this might help me reach the right people.

We need to complete a security review on RavenDB 4.0, and I would really like that to hire an external party for this, since they will likely have a fresh look at things. This involves analyzing our authentication and authorization systems, verifying the use of SSL and X509 certificates, etc.

We probably don’t need to look at things like XSS or SQL Injection, though Smile. If you know someone who can do that, I would appreciate the referral.

If they are located at a similar time zone (GMT+2), that would be great, but not required.


  1. RavenDB Security Review: Encrypting data on disk - 7 hours from now
  2. RavenDB Security Review: Encrypt, don’t obfuscate - 3 days from now

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