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Reading habbits

time to read 1 min | 49 words

I just noticed how I use RSS Bandit to read blogs, I read all the blogs, and on each interesting link, just click it and resume reading.
Right now I finished going over my subscribed feeds about counted how many openedlinks (tabs in FireFox) I've.
37 opened pages, cool.

Working alone

time to read 1 min | 91 words

I'm watching Channel 9 videos, and I noticed that they pronouce that they use is diferent than the one I use.
The problem is mainly that I'm doing code alone, in the last four years I've been unable to participate in a user group, or work with anyone about code.
So SQL, CLR, and a lot of other things are pronouced differently than I pronouce them.

8 months and 22 days to the rest of my life...

time to read 1 min | 106 words

I'm currently working on two computers, and I'm starting to feel the difference.
File shares are nice, but they don't supply anything. I installed {nearly} any application that I currently use on my laptop, and starting this morning, I'll have to test it on the field, meaning that I get to take it with me and have zero connectivity back to either Internet or to my home computer.


I'll probably post next week telling you what exteremely critical application I missed and how it ruined my week.

New book

time to read 1 min | 112 words

Started reading Developing Application Frameworks in .NET by Xin Chen.
I got it because I want to learn how to do create transactions {seems like an interesting topic}, but it's also an interesting subject because it implements what I read in GoF's Desgin Patterns.

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time to read 1 min | 159 words

I just checked WBEditor site so I could install it on my new laptop, and found out that:

  • They gone commercial {19.95$} for the second version, but you can still get the 1.xx version for free.
  • They got a really cool plugin for auto-entring quotes. You've to import the stuff in, which is a shame, but after a short visit here fixed this.

Now I can have those:

"Truth is the enemy of power, now and always." -- Unknown
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time to read 5 min | 927 words

I got WinXP SP1 {mistaken image, damn} running on the laptop, here are my impressions so far:

  • I didn't check maximum resultion size (it's 1024x768, which is very small for me, as I usually work on 1280x1024)
  • Dell's ResourceCD is a good idea (I didn't get an OS pre-installed, because I didn't want all the other shitty stuff that they put there.) but it violate about every UI principal that I know of.
    Would it be too hard to have a button saying "Install Drivers & Applications"? That would've saved me quite some time, instead guessing what hardware I had and trying to get used to the touchpad (the application has no concept of keyboard navigation!)
  • I'd no idea that I'd so much connectivity, right now I've:
    • Modem (V.92)
    • Lan
    • Wireless (probably 802.11b, but I've been surprised)
    • Bluetooth - I didn't ask for this, and was in fact told that I'd to pay extra to get it, but the software installed and it's apperantly working (I don't have anything to test it with).
    • InfraRed - Which I had no idea I'm getting but is really nice because I've an infra red phone.
    • Parallel
    • Serial
    • VGA - OK, so I can have data with this, who cares...:-S
  • The speed and responsiveness of the laptob is fine so far - only installed applications until now :)
  • Pleasantly surprised by how crisp everything looks, and I've an LCD monitor.
  • I've a dual monitor setup and I keep trying to move windows to the laptob screen {Yes, I know about MaxiVista, maybe I'll get that, later}
  • So far I've installed:
    • Office System (2003) Hebrew
    • Nero 6
    • Norton SystemWorks
    • Acrobat 6
    • .Net 1.1
  • I/O is sloooooooooow
  • Things that I will install:
    • Visual Stuido 2003
    • VC# Express
    • MSDN Express
    • ReSharper - The reason that I install VS2k3
    • CodeSmith
    • Project Line Counter
    • Reflector
    • TestDriven.Net
    • CuteWriter - free PDF printer
    • TortoiseSVN
    • Subversion 1.1
    • Subversion Book 1.1
    • Paste As.. for Vs.Net
    • WinRar
    • Notepad2
    • SpamBayes - I almost forgot that Outlook doesn't provide this out-of-the-box


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