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ChallengeFind the bug

time to read 1 min | 54 words

This piece of code caused a crashing bug on a QA server ( and we are lucky it didn’t go to production ).


Can you spot the bug?

I will give you a hint, it is the code that isn’t there.

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Is a transaction or some other synchronization method missing here? That is, it seeks the values, then deletes them. The data could change during the deletions.


It's in the loop... ?


I think, you're missing a check before deleting it ...


Where does 'data' comes from? (The ApplyToKeyAndActiveVersions line).


Ayende, where's your sweet spot in the Esent database? Do you miss good ol' days of WINAPI programming, or is Esent exceptionally performant/stable/powerful/whatever? Maybe there was a reason Microsoft has hidden it?

Ayende Rahien

No, that is handled elsewhere

Ayende Rahien


Another table that we join against.

Ayende Rahien


You are close...


No, that is not it.


I use it when I need a local DB. It is really easy to use when you get how it is working.

It helps that it is the only local DB with true threading support.


maybe issue is related with closure of the session and data variables here: v=>Api.JetDelete(session, data)

Ayende Rahien


No, that is not it


Maybe "v => Api.JetDelete(session, data)" can't be run thru delegate for some reason?

Ayende Rahien


No, that is not it. It works just fine.


I take it the crash is a stack overflow from an infinite loop and that you are either missing a breaking condition or not doing something that would should effect the 'position'..

Basically no idea, is this something that will probably only make sense when illustrated and explained?


What happens to the table cursor after Api.JetDelete()?

And does Api.JetDelete() immediately remove the table row or only mark it as deleted?

Otherwise scenario could be:

  • Api.JetDelete moves cursor forward

  • Api.TryMovePrevious moves cursor backwards (to same row)

=> infinite loop


Stephen, That would hang, not crash...


Ah, true ;)

(btw ayende, having problems submitting comments from ie7/8- not sure if its just me, hitting submit doesn't do anything it just sits there).

Ayende Rahien


No stack overflow, no, and not an infinite loop, but you should concentrate on the loop

Ayende Rahien


It is marking that for deletion in the end of the current transaction, TryMovePrevious is not the issue.

The loop will terminate at the expected time.


I guess that you are trying to clean expired values (stuff we don't care about anymore).. thus having a big result set would pose a problem... am I right?


do we need to know the contract of the jet api to find the problem?


If the Api.RetrieveColumnAsString gets the first one then the Api.TryMovePrevious would never go to the rest but stop when the first one is deleted.

Ayende Rahien


Tada, you are very close.


No, you don't.

Ayende Rahien


No, that is not the behavior we have


How often do values expire?

Michael Morton

You're calling the function on a fixed timer and it's being executed again, before the previous execution has finished. Considering it results in a crash, it's probably stacking a good number of times.

Ayende Rahien

That is a user defined value. In the system that we are talking abut, 24 hours

Ayende Rahien



What timer? There isn't any external code involved that affect the bug in this function

Sander Rijken

The call to Api.JetDelete should probably be called with session and key, not session and keyS (deleting everything)?

Ayende Rahien


keys is the variable holding the table name, not a collection. It is instruction to delete the current row.

Ayende Rahien


Notice what I said, what is the code that IS NOT THERE?!

Neal Blomfield

You get the version but do not check it has expired?

TBH I am guessing based on what I would expect to see rather than understanding the code / api that this is using but it seems like the most logical thing.

Ayende Rahien


No, that is not that.

And you don't need to understand anything about the API to see the problem.

The problem is that until you see the problem, you don't know what it is.

I am actually encouraged that no one managed to find it.

It means that I am not that stupid


Commit size will become huge in this case... Since you say that it is about code that isn't there, all I am able to come with is fixing a maximum of expired values to be processed in the loop and process the remaining later. That's similar to ORA-01555 snapshot too old!

Ayende Rahien


TADA! You got it!

When you hit it exactly right, you may get a LOT of expired values.

Those expired values can be big enough to hit the commit limit, and cause an error!

So I was stupid, I thought so! :-)


Wow... gloubidou I am impress.

Oren, how did you uncover the bug? If the application throw an exception somewhere then it's probably not that hard to trace down the culprit. Did you catch it through stress testing?


Silly question: why is there a commit limit?

Ayende Rahien

As I said, we run into this error in QA.

Once I had the stack trace, and the error, it was really obvious what was wrong

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