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ChallengeFind the bug

time to read 1 min | 41 words

The following code contains a bug that would only occur under rare situations, can you figure out what is the bug?


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Jason Meckley

isNewDatabase = write.Length == 0;

If (isNewDatabase)


There doesn't appear to be locking. In rare cases you may have 2 threads call CreateFromScratch() at that same time.

Ayende Rahien


No, I won't. the writer FileStream ensures that only one thread access this code.

David Thibault

Check the length of the reader before validating the signature ?


race condition in the 1st two lines between checking for the existence of the directory and creating it.

Tim Schwallie

Are the permissions to the Directory ok?

Ramon Smits

Why the weird ==false check and not using if(! construct? THen again, AFAIK the Directory.Create will do nothing when it already exists. So the check is useless.

Andy K

Not knowing what CreateFromScratch does I would guess that you don't want to TryReadingFromExistingFile when isNewDatabase.

James Curran


nope. The .Net CreateDirectory silently NOPs if the directory is already present (the if() is superfluous).


Where do you close the writer?

Chris C

If the file is deleted whilst the writer is open then OpenReader will fail (assuming open reader is creating a new file stream).

Rik Hemsley

I've parsed this a few times and can't see the bug. I write similar code often so I'll be checking back to see what you reveal as the answer in case I've fallen into the same trap!

Steve Py

I suspect the writer is module level and left open so that data can be streamed to file. It has read-level sharing.

the check on writer.Length == 0 doesn't sit right with me. It looks like you want to check to see if the file was newly created then call the CreateFromScratch().

I'd have elected for:

storageFile = Path.Combine...

isNewDatabase = File.Exists(storageFile);

writer = ...

if (isNewDatabase)


But that's just semantics, I don't think that's the cause of any bug...

Two instances of the same application implementing Raven DB could be a problem if started up around the same time.

Simon Labrecque

Not sure if you'consider it a bug since you kinda expect an exception anyway, but

if (new Guid(binaryReader.ReadBytes(16)) != HeaderSignatureGuid)

will generate an ArgumentException when the file exists but is not at least 16 bytes long.


If the path parameter is a drive letter (eg "C:") then Path.Combine won't create a valid path. You'll get "C:storage.raven" instead of "C:\storage.raven".

(unless of course you're appending the slash in the caller.)

Geert Baeyaert

The race condition is not between the first two lines, but between creating the directory and creating the file.

Directory.CreateDirectory throws an IOException when the directory is read-only or not empty.

Ayende Rahien


No, that is okay, we assume that len = 0 is always okay.


Ignore race conditions, as other have pointed out, it will work, but the problem isn't with a race condition.


No, bad permissions would cause it to crash with an expected error.


Actually, that is okay, I always want to read from the file. CreateFromScratch just set things up for me.


The writer is close is the Dispose() method.


Ignore any race conditions, they aren't required to show the bug.


That is not a problem, only one instance of RavenDB can own a file at a given time.


Thanks, that is expected and not what I meant.


You don't check if you have enough space on disk before creating file. This may result in a IOException if the disk is full.

Ayende Rahien


I don't worry about that, I'll get the appropriate error then.

Ryan Heath

Why is FileShare.Delete allowed? Writing to a file that is allowed to be deleted, that looks like a bug to me ...

// Ryan

Ayende Rahien


That means that you can delete the file, which is important for some scenarios (cleanup, mostly).

That is not a bug

Matthew Wills

If path wasn't an existing directory but was an existing FILE then the CreateDirectory would throw IOException.

Ayende Rahien


Good catch, but that still isn't it

Ayende Rahien


Here is a big hint, think C++

Gerard Kappen

I'm not sure if you're aiming for some sort of backward compatibility in your storage file, but if so, I would assume you'd rather compare the version as

if (version > Version)

throw ...

Matthew Wills

You are throwing an exception from a constructor. So I suppose you could have a partially constructed object - not sure what impact this would have on the disposal of the writer, for instance.

Ayende Rahien


Yes, you are right, what is the result?

Matthew Wills

Well, assuming you are using a using block around your use of TransactionStorage, I suspect the writer will stay alive and thus lock the DB. I suspect GC would get it eventually – I haven't tested and thus don’t know for sure.

You likely should change your Dispose method to handle partially constructed objects (ie don’t assume everything is initialized correctly) and then call the Dispose from a catch block in your constructor.

Richard Dingwall

Doing file IO in a ctor is a shooting offense. Wouldn't be surprised if that is a factor.

Ayende Rahien


Ding, ding ding!

You got it.

The dispose is actually never called, because we aren't completing the ctor.

Ori Peleg

Awesome, especially for the "Think C++" hint. I wonder why we consider exception-safety differently when we're not in C++.

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