Challengeprobability based selection

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Here is an interesting problem that I just run into. I need to select a value from a (small) set based on percentage. That seems like it would be simple, but for some reason I can’t figure out an elegant way of doing this.

Here is my current solution:

var chances = new Page[100];
int index = 0;
foreach (var page in pages)
    for (int i = index; i < index + page.PercentageToShow; i++)
        chances[i] = row;
    index += page.PercentageToShow;
return chances[new Random().Next(0, 100)];

This satisfy the requirement, but it is… not as elegant as I would wish it to be.

I may have N number of values, for small N. There isn’t any limitation on the percentage allocation, so we may have (50%, 10%, 12%, 28%). We are assured that the numbers will always match to a 100.

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