Microsoft Connect - FAIL (yet again)

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I really think that Microsoft should close Connect. Because it is pretty obvious that they aren't managing that properly.

Let us take a look at yet another interesting bug report. This is related to a bug in System.Data that makes using System.Transactions even trickier than you would initially believe.

It was acknowledged as a bug by Miguel Gasca (from Microsoft), and a connect was reported.

That was in 2007(!), it was resolved, a month later, by "Microsoft", because it is "External" issue.

That bug is till here today, two years later, and still impacting customers. That is after a full release and SP1. The situation is that now I have to work around this bug because Microsoft cannot manage its own bugs database in a way that would allow it to... oh, I don't know, fix bugs!


And you know what, I wouldn't be annoyed with this if this wasn't an ongoing pattern with Connect.