ChallengeThe lazy loaded inheritance many to one association OR/M conundrum

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Here is an interesting problem that pop up with any OR/M that supports inheritance and lazy loading.

Let us say that we have the following entity model:


Backed by the following data model:


As you can see, we map the Animal hierarchy to the Animals table, and we have a polymorphic association between Animal Lover and his/her animal. Where does the problem starts?

Well, let us say that we want to load the animal lover. We do that using the following SQL:

FROM AnimalLover
WHERE Id = 1 /* @p0 */

And now we have an animal lover instance:

var animalLover = GetAnimalLoverById(1);
var isDog = animalLover.Animal is Dog;
var isCat = animalLover.Animal is Cat;

Can you guess what would be the result of this code?

I’ll post the actual answer tomorrow…

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