ChallengeDon't stop with the first DSL abstraction

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I was having a discussion today about the way business rules are implemented. And large part of the discussion was focused on trying to get a specific behavior in a specific circumstance. As usual, I am going to use a totally different example, which might not be as brutal in its focus as the real one.

We have a set of business rules that relate to what is going to happen to a customer in certain situations. For example, we might have the following:

upon bounced_check or refused_credit:
	if customer.TotalPurchases > 10000: # preferred
		call_the cops

upon new_order:
	if customer.TotalPurchases > 10000: # preferred
		apply_discount 5.precent
upon order_shipped:
send_marketing_stuff unless customer.RequestedNoSpam

What is this code crying for? Here is a hint, it is not the introduction of IsPreferred, although that would be welcome.

I am interested in hearing what you will have to say in this matter.

And as a total non sequitur, cockroaches at Starbucks, yuck.

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