ChallengeThis code should never hit production

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This code should never have the chance to go to production, it is horribly broken in a rather subtle way, do you see it?

public ISet<string> GetTerms(string index, string field)
    if(field == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("field");
    if(index == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("index");
    var result = new HashSet<string>();
    var currentIndexSearcher = database.IndexStorage.GetCurrentIndexSearcher(index);
    IndexSearcher searcher;
    using(currentIndexSearcher.Use(out searcher))
        var termEnum = searcher.GetIndexReader().Terms(new Term(field));
        while (field.Equals(termEnum.Term().Field()))

            if (termEnum.Next() == false)

    return result;

As usual, I’ll post the answer tomorrow.

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