ChallengeNH Prof Exporting Reports

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One of the things that I am working on right now is exporting NH Prof reports. This isn’t an earth shattering feature, the idea is to take a report like this:


And give you the ability to save it in a format that you can send to your DBA, or maybe just put it away for later perusal.

I started with the simplest thing that could possibly work, exporting the reports to XML. Using Linq to XML, that has been a true pleasure, and got me this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<unique-queries xmlns="">
<query average-duration="0.1" count="10" is-cached="false" is-ddl="false">
<duration database-only="0" nhibernate="0" />
<short-sql>SELECT ... FROM Comments comments0_ WHERE comments0_.PostId = 1</short-sql>
<formatted-sql>SELECT comments0_.PostId as PostId1_,
comments0_.Id as Id1_,
comments0_.Id as Id5_0_,
comments0_.Name as Name5_0_,
comments0_.Email as Email5_0_,
comments0_.HomePage as HomePage5_0_,
comments0_.Ip as Ip5_0_,
comments0_.Text as Text5_0_,
comments0_.PostId as PostId5_0_
FROM Comments comments0_
WHERE comments0_.PostId = 1 /* @p0 */</formatted-sql>

That is pretty easy to do, but then I hit a wall. This is good, but it isn’t nearly enough. I can imagine that most of NH Prof users will want access to the raw data in this format, so they can slice & dice it as they see fit, but I believe that I also need to provide a more readable form.

I started to look at how I can generate PDFs from this, and I run into a problem. I don’t have any experience doing such things, and while I don’t doubt that I could learn it, I don’t think that what is very likely to be a one off requirement is worth spending the time to really learn the topic.

Therefore, I decided to try something a little bit different. I uploaded four sample reports here. I want to see if someone can provide me with solution to convert those to a nice PDF format. 

I am going to give away one NH Prof license to the first one that can show me a solution that I can use with NH Prof.

The selected solution will also be featured in this blog, of course.

The small print: Just to be clear, some variation on the selected solution is going to end up within NH Prof. I don’t think it is a big task for someone who know what they are doing, and I believe that the NH Prof license offer is adequate compensation for that.

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