Audio Book Review: Starship

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SciFi Inflation is the best term that I can use for this book series. It was engaging enough for me to go through all three books, but it bothered me enough to put a negative post about it.

Just about anything in those books is over-inflated. Interstellar travel times are measured in minutes, thousands of sentient races exists, sensors that can read the details of a ship from thirty light years away, an interstellar power has 300 million ships, etc.

This is like nails on board, highly disturbing for the flow of the story. And the story is good, it is just that those are beyond "wavehand physics away", I expect that. But I expect that to be done in a believable way.

Case in point, at one time the ship just blew up a few other ships, and it was hit with a bit of debris. The command that the Captain gibes? "Pilot, takes us half a light year out, I want to have a little time to respond if something like that happen again."

Does the author have any idea about how big a light year is?