MactoWarrants are for fools

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Warrants are kinda important in a prison. They are the legal authority to limit someone’s freedom. In wouldn’t be overstating the fact in saying that Warrants are one of the major factors being managed in Macto.

There are all kind of Warrants in existence. To list just a few of them:

  • Arrest Warrant – Issued by an officer, generally hold for 24 hours only.
  • Detention Warrant – Issued by the court, generally for a short amount of time, up to a few weeks, in most cases.
  • Remand Warrant – Issued by the court, generally instructing the prison to hold the Inmate in custody until sentencing (not limited in time).
  • Sentencing Warrant – Issued by the court, specifying the total time that an Inmate is to be incarcerated.

There are other warrants, such as an Court Arrest Warrant, for example, but for the purpose of Macto, we won’t get into those. The type of activity currently required by the prison doesn’t really need them, but that might change in the future.

There is also another type of Warrant available, it is Whatever The Judge Said Warrant, or as the lawyers call is Mandamus Warrant. It is basically an instruction to do something, and it can be just about anything. From letting the Inmate to call his wife to putting him in a different cell or transferring him to a different prison to command special food / treatment to… Well, there is a reason I call it Whatever The Judge Said.

The rules for Warrants for incarceration are pretty simple. Each warrant type has an issuer (Arrest Warrants can only be given by Officers of rank Captain and above) for a certain duration (which in some cases, may be limited, such as the 24 hour limit for Arrest Warrants). Depending on the type of Warrant, it can be in Hours, Days, Months or Years. The units in which a warrant is specified are very important. In particular, there is a difference between 30 days incarceration and 1 month incarceration, for example. And hourly Warrants requires that by the time the Warrant expire, you are either got a new one at court or let the Inmate go.

The last issued Warrant is always the one that is valid, and all Warrants must be continuous. Gaps in the middle are considered to be a Very Bad thing.

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