MactoLet’s CREATE an Inmate

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After spending so much time talking about the application, I think that you can understand why this isn’t going to work:


For a start, we don’t create an Inmate. A prison just doesn’t have this concept.  Second, the process of accepting a new Inmate into the prison is a pretty complex one. An Inmate can come from one of several sources. It can be a guy just brought in from the streets or it can be an Inmate from another prison (and then it depends on where he came from), etc.

Each scenario requires different workflow for processing the new Inmate. And what about errors in the process? For example, let us say that your prison is rated for 14 years old and up, and suddenly you have at the gate an officer with three 13 years old that were just arrested with suicide belts. Legally, you aren’t allowed to hold them. Practically, you can’t really let them go. (For the record, that was a real scenario that happened, I had to get a judge to approve this.)

Here is another true story. I sent an Inmate to another prison, and along the way, the escort manage to forget the documents (those are the oh so important that the sky fall down and smacks you in the head if you don’t have them) in my prison. They got to the other prison around 2 AM, and only then discovered what happened. I was able to convince that prison’s commander to hold the guy until morning in his prison until I can send the documents.

Validation? You make me laugh. This is the real world, and if your system reject an Inmate that the prison commander has decided that he is going to accept… well, that Inmate still has to be tracked, but now it is offline and probably done on the back of some envelope somewhere. The system may alert and warn, but it cannot deny people.

Welcome to the real world.

Overall, the process for accepting a new inmate is quite simple, at its core. You need to be able to identify the Inmate, and you need to have a valid chain of lawful incarceration. The first might be a problem (the guy might have been just picked up, have no idea and refuse to identify himself). The second might also be a problem, as we have seen above.

But eventually, we have the Dossier for an Inmate, which contains name, id, picture and the chain of lawful incarceration. The next step is to place the Inmate in the prison, and that is a whole different key of gunpowder. I’ll discuss that in my next post.

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