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MactoLooking at warrants

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After spending so much time talking about how important Warrants are, it is actually surprising to see the UI for a warrant:


It is pretty simple, because from a data entry perspective, there isn’t really much to it. It is the effects of the Warrants that make it such an interesting concept. One thing to note here is that the date that we care about for the Warrant isn’t the date it was issued, but when the guy was actually arrested, that is where the clock starts ticking.

Adding a Warrant is also not that complex from a data entry perspective:




As you can see, thus far, it is pretty simple. But when you click the Finish button the complexity starts.

We need to check that the Warrant is valid (issued by someone with the authority to do so), and then calculate the new duration for the Inmate.

And that is enough for today, I just wrote ~10 posts on Macto in the last 24 hours, it is time to do something else.

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Form usability point of view you have two screens too many in warrant entering process so let it be "scan first then data afterwards" as user can see on the screen most of the data he has to re-enter and this better be all on one page

Matthew Shapiro

Why does the first screen not show the warrant's duration or expiration?


I like this series. It is a topic I can still learn a lot about.

Alex Vilela

@Ayende, what do you use to generate such nice UI diagrams?

Chris Wright

@Alex: http://balsamiq.com

Alex Vilela

@Chris Wright

Thank you. I just got back to this today.

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