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Advanced NHibernate Course–Warsaw, October 2011

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I was very pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to my the idea of running the NHibernate course in Poland. Which is why it gives me great pleasure to announce that I’ll be giving my Advanced NHibernate Course in Warsaw, between the 17 October to the 19 October, 2011.

You can register using the this link. And in the meantime,

Happy nHibernating Smile


Kamil Wojciechowski

It's great to hear it !

btw: Did you discover a time machine ? :) '17 October to the 19 October, 2001.'


Still wish you would do one in Sydney. :(

Ale Miralles

What about Argentina? Too Far?


Wow, what a price?! Sorry, but it's too expensive for me and probably for most of polish developers. We need ~2 months work to earn 2k $, and when I read syllabus - it's possible to learn it from books and blogs. Sorry...

Ayende Rahien

Ale, Haven't thought about Argentina, but I don't see a reason why not. If there are people there for the course, I can certainly show up.

Ayende Rahien

Kuba, A few points.

  • The expectation is that your company will pay for that.
  • I believe that the level and scope of what I am teaching is more than worth the price.

Well, the idea was very cool... The price is definitely not the cool one. Even for the companies. It will be very difficult to convince the employer to pay that money.

Cheers, Marek

Robert Wilczynski

It seems those dates overlap with the biggest annual Microsoft conference in Poland (http://www.mtskonferencja.pl/ - 18-19 Oct). It's obvious your event is of greater value than most sessions there but that overlap might also contribute to lower frequency.

I agree about the price being the biggest issue for most potential attendees (even companies) - most people probably didn't expect it to be that high. Personally I (and I think others too) would be more inclined to come if the agenda included a broader range of topics than just a single ORM tool. I'm sure there is a lot to cover there too but a general workshop covering: ravendb, doc vs relational DBs, messaging, testing - things you cover daily on your blog with detailed examples and q&a might just give you a bigger audience.

It would be nice though to be proven wrong by polish software companies if they actually do send their devs to a great course like that.


That's great... but unfortunately price it's too high for me and my colleagues


to expensive sorry!

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