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NH Prof New FeatureExporting Reports

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I mentioned before that exporting reports (so you can mail them around) is something that I would really like to do. In fact, I decided to put it out as a challenge, and I got some really great responses.

Josh Perry has been able to flat out amaze me with a solution that was at once simple, elegant and beautiful. It is an HTML report that contains all the styling inline (so it supports emailing it around, for example, to the DBA) but it also has some java script smarts around it that make it behave like the real application.

As a matter of fact, I have added the exported version as a “live demo” for NH Prof.

I am quite happy with this. You can export your NH Prof load using File > Export, giving you a single HTML that is easily achievable, mailable, etc.

 Check it out.

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Kevin Pang

This is pretty awesome. Really lets you dig through the logs quickly and easily.

Micady Elite

Care to share how and the code?



How did u do it?

Dmitriy Nagirnyak

It seems you do not care if the browser's javascript is disabled.

Not that it is a big issue, but viewing the file form mail clients may not look as expected (actually almost blank).

So probably a bit of graceful degradation would be nice to have.

Ayende Rahien


Viewing that in the email client is not supported, and won't be.

Opening that in a browser will work, and is the expected usage pattern

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