L2S Prof hardships – getting query duration and row counts

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I really want to be able to provide duration & row count for Linq to Sql. It has became a personal goal of mine.

The problem is that there is absolutely no open extensibility points within L2S that would allow it. The solution is… to  break down the wall. If you don’t have extensibility points, then I will make some.


And, you know what? I did:


The problem is that it took almost 12 hours to get it to this point, and along the way I had to build a new provider for Linq to Sql. And yes, that is not possible. Not isn’t supposed to be possible, just is not possible.

To get this to work I had to build a hack on top of a crack on top of a very angry duck.


I have been working on this for the last 12 hours, and this is about the most unsupported method that you could find to hook into things (I had to break the CLR type system to get this to work, and the things that I do with reflection are probably amoral in at least three different religions).

The problem with going with that route is that now I have to delay the public beta for L2S Prof. The good thing is that I can now provide additional information about Linq to SQL.