NH ProfFeature Freeze

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NH Prof just went for a feature freeze in preparation for a release.

This means that sometimes next week, the v1.0 release will go up. To be rather more exact, the v1.0 is out as far as the bits are concerned. Build 414 is going to be it, unless people find some big bugs in it.

There are two main reasons for the delay.

  1. No one likes to have to push out a v1.0.1 release, so it is better to play it safe.
  2. For the beta period, a full license of NH Prof was offered with a 30% beta discount.

With the formal release, this beta discount is going away, and buyers will have to pay the full price. I think it is only fair to give potential buyers some heads up warning about this.

So, sometimes during the next week, I’ll formally change everything to show as v1.0 and remove the beta sticker from the site.

The beta discount will be discontinued on Friday, September 11th.

Just as a reminder, there is no difference between a beta license and a standard v1.0 license, so if would like to get NH Prof, buying it before the 11th will save you 30%.

I’ll have a more detailed post about NH Prof and its capabilities, in a few days, since I think that recently I always spoke only about a specific feature, not about the whole thing.

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