NH ProfGetting big, and bigger

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Well, at least now I have proof positive that all the architecture work that we did in order to ensure that NH Prof will scale better actually works. The following screenshot shows an example that used to crash NH Prof, it loading an 80 MB file with over 200,000 individual events to scan and process.


The fun part is that this is run through the entire pipeline, but without involving the UI, so we get the ability to process all those events without having to wait for the UI. If you remember, we had to invest a lot of time making sure that this sort of scenario will work properly.

Now, it takes 85 seconds for this to load, which I consider pretty reasonable, it means about 2,350 events per second, which isn’t a high number, but is plenty fast enough overall, considering the amount of work that I have to do in order to do things like calculate alerts, format the SQL, and do all the other things that NH Prof has to do.

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