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NH ProfRelease Candidate is out

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image Well,

After quite a while of developing on a private branch, it is time to make NH Prof RC public. We have worked on several new features, but chief among them was performance. As I outlined in the past, we have to rip apart the internal communication mechanisms inside NH Prof, to allow it to react well under high load.

There are some things that you need to know first, though:

  • Session factory stats is currently disabled, there is no reason except that some things had to be cut in order to release the RC. It will be back soon.
  • The RC bits are not compatible with the beta bits. If you want to use RC UI with your application (and you should), you need to use the RC appender.

As usual, you can find it here, build 260 or up.

Have fun, and tell us what you think.

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Hey Ayende,

I just downloaded 259 and it crashes on startup - could it be that the client exe isn't valid because it looks like it might be corrupted when viewing the files in explorer? This is on Vista SP1 32 bit


Ayende Rahien

Well, that is embarrassing.

I forgot to include a file in the download, or in the list of the required files.


Fixed and 260 fixes that.


"The RC bits are not compatible with the beta bits"

As in, don't mix assemblies?

Ayende Rahien

Yes, that means that the beta appender can't talk to the RC UI, and vice versa


While it's already in RC, Oren, can you reveal some commercial information of NHProf? It's very interesting whether commercial tool for opensource lib can be successfull.


I somtimes get an error when i try to clear the sessions and when I try to report the error i get a long stacktrace ending with "the server returned 500 server error".

Ayende Rahien


That was fixed in build 267

Ayende Rahien


It is selling, and I am very hopeful about what this means

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