RavenDB 3.5 whirl wind tourDeeper insights to indexing

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The indexing process in RavenDB is not trivial, it is composed of many small steps that need to happen and coordinate with one another to reach the end goal.

A lot of the complexity involved is related to concurrent usage, parallelization of I/O and computation and a whole bunch of other stuff like that. In RavenDB 3.0 we added support for visualizing all of that, so you can see what is going on, and can tell what is taking so long.

With RavenDB 3.5, we extended that from just looking at the indexing documents to looking into the other parts of the indexing process.


In this image, you can see the green rectangles representing prefetching cycles of documents from the disk, happening alongside indexing cycles (representing as the color rectangles, with visible concurrent work and separate stages.

The good thing about this is that it make it easy to see whatever there is any waste in the indexing process, if there is a gap, we can see it and investigate why that happens.

Another change we made was automatic detection of corrupted Lucene indexes (typical case, if you run out of disk space, it is possible that the Lucene index will be corrupted, and after disk space is restored, it is often not recoverable by Lucene), so we now can automatically detect that scenario and apply the right action (trying to recover from a previous instance, or resetting the index).

As a reminder, we have the RavenDB Conference in Texas in a few months, which would be an excellent opportunity to see RavenDB 3.5 in all its glory.


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