RavenDB 3.5 beta is out!

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RavenDB 3.5 has been in development for over two years, and we finally get to see it taking its first steps out the gate.

You can read about all the goodies in this blog post series, and we have more features being unveiled each day, until the RavenDB Conference next week.

You can get build 35100 right now, and start playing with the bits.

What does this mean? Beta means just that, the software is pretty much ready, we have all the features we want, and while there are still a bunch of pending tasks (mostly in the UI and outer layers), the software is ready for actual use.

We expect the beta period to last about six to eight weeks, during which we’ll finish the remaining work and run it though the usual wringer (longevity, performance, stabilization, etc) before going with RC and finally RTM. We are currently expecting RTM release in July/August time frame.

I’ll be talking about this release a lot in the RavenDB Conference.

We’ll be updating the website and the documentation for the next few weeks, as part of the release cycle, but I wanted to get the bits into your hands as soon as possible.