Abolishing guids

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This seems like a minor thing, but it was raised during the design phase of SilverQueues/AgQueues/LuminQ (can someone spot the jokes?).

How does a client identify itself to the server? Consider the fact that there are likely to be clients popping up all the time, so we can’t pre-assign them with meaningful names. The suggestion was brought up to use GUIDs to identify the client. That has the benefit of simplicity. It is easy to write, easy to implement and easy to understand from a conceptual level.

It got shot it down quickly, because while it is easy, I have never met the GUID that I could honestly say I have seen before. Recognizing clients by GUIDs is going to make it much harder to work with the system, however, because GUIDs are so opaque.

Instead of doing that, we will probably go with “clients/329392” or something similar, because that one is human readable. In the end, if you can make it easier to work with, it pays off, big time.