Impleo – a CMS I can tolerate

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If you head out to, you will see that I finally had the time to setup the corporate site. This is still very early, but I have a lot of content to add there, but it is a start.

Impleo, the CMS running the site, doesn’t have any web based interface, instead, it is built explicitly to take advantage of Windows Live Writer and similar tools. The “interface” for editing the site is the MetaWeblog API. This means that in order to edit the site, there isn’t any Wiki syntax to learn, or XML files to edit, or anything of this sort.

You have a powerful editor in your fingertips, one that properly handle things like adding images and other content. This turn the whole experience around. I usually find documentation boring, but I am used to writing in WLW, it is fairly natural to do, and it removes all the pain from the equation.

One of the things that I am trying to do with it is to setup a proper documentation repository for all my open source projects. This isn’t something new, and it is something that most projects have a hard time doing. I strongly believe in making things simple, in reducing friction. What I hope to do is to be able to accept documentation contributions from the community for the OSS projects.

I think that having a full fledged rich text editor in your hands is a game changer, compared to the usual way OSS handle documentation.  Take a look at what is needed to make this works, it should take three minutes to get started, no learning curve, no “how do they do this”.

So here is the deal, if you would like to contribute documentation (which can be anything that would help users with the projects), I just made things much easier for you. Please contact me directly and I’ll send you the credentials to be able to edit the site.

Thanks in advance for your support.