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Mike Murray

Weird that they implemented it that way. If you go to Drafts or Recently Posted, you get the option of "All" in that drop-down box, but not for any blogs listed on the left pane.

I migrated my blog from Windows Live Spaces to Blogger and I used Live Writer to do it. So technically every post on my blog is under "Recently Posted," where I can use the "All" option.

Do you think the absence of the "All" option was an oversight or by design? This should be reported to Microsoft in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your find...


So how did you get the images up on that post?

Brandon Turner

Let me do some more investigation on this and I'll get back to you.

Also, even if you could get all of them right now, finding it in that list box is going to be very very hard. If you update to the newest build of Windows Live Writer, there is a type down filter textbox to help you find posts faster in that list box.

I'll get back to your by monday EOD, otherwise I might have forgot, just email me about it. :)

Ayende Rahien



I was trying to be funny.

As you point out, that isn't actually a good UI for handling thousands of posts.


What I'd want is a way to edit by post id or by post URL.

Ayende Rahien



but I don't know if meta weblog supports that.


Maybe not by URL, but definitely by Post ID. Per the spec:

metaWeblog.editPost (postid, username, password, struct, publish)

metaWeblog.getPost (postid, username, password)

With Subtext, the workflow would be this (assuming you're logged in as an admin to your own site):

  1. Use Google to find the post you want to edit with WLW.

  2. Highlight the "Pencil" edit link. That'll give you the Post ID.

  3. Enter PostID into WLW.

Even better would be if they registered a custom handler so we could render a separate link which directly edits the post in WLW. That would be hot! :)

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