How you SHOULD handle support

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For NH PRof, we are using AqiStar's TextBox.

To my knowledge, this is the only WPF syntax highlighting text editor that is available in the marker.

After taking it for a short trial run, I decided that I love it, bought three licenses and Rob implemented it for NH Prof. Introducing AqiStar's TextBox allowed us to delete a whole bunch of code, significantly improved the speed of the profiler and even fixed a memory leak that we had.

Good stuff all around.

Except, we had made an error (100% our issue, I admit) and we accidentally deployed the trial version instead of the licensed version. We didn't notice it at first because it was well.. in trial mode. But a trial eventually expires and we start getting errors.

I emailed AqiStar's support. Here is the exchange:


What you don't see is that their first response was a full explanation of the issue, three different ways of solving it, and it arrived within 16 hours of me first contacting them.

I also arrived when I was sleeping, so Rob and Christopher were able to fix the problem. But AqiStar's support followed through on that.

What you don't see here is that each of us got the error at roughly the same time and all of us contacted support independently.

Good stuff, did I mention already?