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Newsflash to commentors: it is my blog

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image I can't believe that I actually have to spell this out.

This is my blog.

You can double check the URL, to make sure that it clearly states that.

As such, I am going to write about whatever topic I feel like writing. And if I care enough about Chinese Procelaim Kittens, I am going to write about them.

If you don't like a particular post, feel free to skip it.


Peter Morris

I read your blog often. Sometimes it's interesting and I learn something, sometimes a post is not interesting to me, but I have to draw the line somewhere and Chinese Percelain Kittens are far beyond that line!

Tim B

I especially liked the commenter who said "I and others will be leaving your site if you don't stop." lol




You the man!


Out of interest, what are your reasons for blogging? is it to help you reason, almost like an open journal?

James Coffman

Now we know what you do with your down time.

David Mohundro

Just wait till you get people subscribing to your blog BECAUSE of the Chinese Porcelain Kittens! :)


Please more about Chinese Porcelain Kittens!


It's CUTE.

The kitten I mean.

Ayende Rahien



It is fun.

It help me sort through my thoughts.

It has became a marketing tool, although that wasn't the intention.

It allow me to create a permanent record for things that I do.

It is easy to do in terms of time and effort

Ayende Rahien


Now that is a scary thought


I think it would be funny if this post gets him listed in search results for Chinese Porcelain Kittens.

so... yeah, you say what you want. I listen/read if I want. works well for me. Personally, I read most of the posts whenever I have time


If you did the Friday Cat Blogging, you may grow a larger following. :-)

Shane Bauer

I don't understand the big deal. It is your blog. If you want to post about cats, go right ahead. If someone doesn't find something that interesting, they can mark it as read and move on. I'm not sure why that's so difficult for people to understand.


I don't know...I like cats!

Ed McPadden

Sounds like a new open source project in the works:

NSharpPorcelainRhinoKitty.net ;)

Tobin Harris

Lol, that's very true.

But remember, you do command our attention. I for one read almost everything you write. Only after I've spent time reading do I decide whether it was worth my time, and usually it is :)

I liked reading about the licensing stuff, but it got a bit boring after the 3rd post IMHO :)


boo hoo. poor ayende.


The big deal wasn't that he wrote about whatever was on his mind, but instead that he tried to use his readers for his personal gain in a public dispute.

Just like this is your words and you can write about whatever topic you feel like and we have the option of skipping it, don't force the readers (who can equally read about whatever the hell they want on a public site) to be included in your "8,000 people follow me so be afraid" bullying tactics.



"If you don't like a particular comment, feel free to skip it."


I start hearing the news: "Ayende starts Rhino.Commons.ChineseKittens" to express "Porcelain" in a DSL way... :P


@huey -- I think you missed the point.

It's Ayende's blog. He can use it to whatever end he sees fit and doesn't need our approval. He didn't "force" you to do anything or to be included in any group either. If you're unhappy then go ahead and subscribe, and then it's 7,999 people following him.

As for the "skip the comment" bit, again it's his blog that these comments are posted on so he can react or not react to them as he sees fit.


Wait...no Lazer Cats? What a rip off.

Grimace of Despair

I find it very interesting to see how the voluntary work of one man has become such a reference for many, that people are starting to expect or even demand things.

There is a point in saying that the blog now has such a critical mass that the writer must pay extra attention to the bearings of his words. Like someone going into politics will have to be extra careful about his sayings.

But then again, it still is Ayende's spare (?) time being sacrificed to the benefit of others, and it's not the representation of some official organ sponsored by the government.

And of course, most of the time, it's just fun and/or interesting to read.


@Andrew -- You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!


Your blog has been flagged. Please get a certificate from The Internet Authority for all past content of your blog and don't post anything without getting it approved first. Have a happy net neutrality day.

David Fauber

These are my comments. It says so right where they get posted on your blog. If you're going to aim your angst at readers when they laugh at one of your hissy fits, turn comments off.

Lucas Goodwin

I've never understood this BS about "you have a responsibility because people listen to you". WTF?! Give me a break. That's like authorship by concensus. Doesn't work any better then design by concensus.

I read a Blog for the personal voice of that author. If I place demands on that author I will lose that personal voice. Not always will I be interested in what that voice has to say, but so what.

Learn to be descerning people and stop expecting others to take on that responsibility for you (such as authors and politicians).

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