On XHEO Conduct

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XHEO responded to my open letter. This is my running commentary during reading their post.

Let us start from this:

While I can understand the frustrations of a developer under the gun from a manager, or anxious to meet a deadline we really can't work with so little information - who can?

Here is some of the email exchanges that went by.


Note that every email with an attachment is including details such as screen shots, assemblies, crash dumps, etc.

I want to point out that I did use their tool to generate a support request with all the details about my system that they could possibly want. I submit all exceptions to them as they came, although I run into several instances where the crash was so severe that the error reporting itself fail to kick in.

I know that customers world wide have been conditioned to expect refunds for any reason at any time.

No, customers has grown used to companies respecting signed contracts.

Looking at the timeline that XHEO provides, it seems that they totally ignored the attachments that I sent, which contained full reproductions of the actual problems. That is strange to say, because during my conversation with support, we continually referred to those screen shots, so I fail to see how they can ignore them or claim that I sent an email with just "it doesn't work either".

In fact, here is that particular email:


He is also missing the part that I did updated to the latest version, only to find other bugs:


At this point, I have spent over a week trying to resolve this issue, has been forced to wait for days to get someone from support, got not even a hint of resolution, but what seems like a flurry of "let us try to turn off this setting and see if this works".

I was already investing way too much time into the product, and it was holding back my own work on NH Prof, not to mention the adverse affect on my ability to actually ship something.

I want to specifically respond to this:

The post includes issues never reported to support and in far more detail then ever provided to us. Demonstrating Ayende is quite capable for expressing the information but simply chose not to.

I don't just keep screen shots of broken software around, I extract the images that I have shown in the original post from the emails that I sent them.

XHEO also provide more of the email correspondence that went between us. I recommend that you would read them. Part 1 | Part 2

Someone in the comments pointed out that doing the entire exchange over email was likely a factor. I agree. And I said so:


I never got a reply to this email.

And finally, there is this:

  • We have not ignored the terms of the contract and continue to honor our obligations and offer support.

I honestly don't even know how to approach this statement. The contract that we both signed clearly states that their product should work. It doesn't, and they have failed to provide me with a working product. Hence, we fall back to the refund alternative, which they refuse, thereby breaching our contract.