BabylonStill not getting how to treat customers

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Just got (after three weeks) a response to my issue with them:

The confirmation letter you received initially displayed this message : "This page is your proof of purchase. Please print and save it for future reference."
The responsibility of keeping track of your license details is yours.
Keeping track of user license  and hosting it in our data base, consumes a lot of storage space, and demands the attention of a large crew of people, dealing with both software and hardware, and as I wrote before, this task is not free of charge.

So, basically they are saying it is my fault (correct) and that I should deal with it (wrong). I am talking wrong in making me a happy customer. Every other company that I did business with was more than happy to resend me the license details, sometimes several years after the fact. The fact that Babylon is treating a customer like this is amazing.

Hiding behind "it cost a lot of money" is a sad excuse for someone who know how this stuff works. My response:

I am aware of that, but you know what, that is not a nice way of getting repeated business.
And don't try to tell me that keep the user data cost a lot of money that you wouldn't spend anyway.
Frankly, I expect response times that are greater than three weeks and a far more civil treatment as a paying customer.



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