ReIoC and Average Programmers

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This is a reply to Eli's IoC and Average Programmers.

Oren seems pretty pissed off and believes that a Company that will only code in a way that the average programmer would know - is Stupid.

Just to clarify:

  • Coding to the Mort's level will get you bad code, period. I deal with big applications, which means that I have zero use of demo-ware features. Trying to force an application to use them "because the programmer can use the designer to do all the work" is a stupid. It creates more work, it add more complexity and it results in hard to maintain code.
  • Not investing in developers is stupid, period. Right now We! are hiring. I get to interview a lot of people, and the bar to get hired is not with knowledge. I can teach knowledge, and I can mentor beginners. It is fully expected that you would have a learning curve. Trying to avoid that by mandating stupid code means that you will not be able to keep good people, and those that you keep will not like what they are doing...

That said, there is such a thing as Too Much Magic. But it isn't at the Mort's level.

Update: this looks relevant - Technical Debt

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