Inside RavenDB 4.0Chapter 17 is done

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You might have noticed that I’ve slowed down writing blog posts. This is because pretty much every word I write these days goes into the book.

I just completed chapter 17, and we are now standing at around 550 pages in length, and there is only one chapter left.

Chapter 17 talks about backup and restores, how they work in RavenDB and how to properly manage your backup strategies in RavenDB. It sounds deathly dull, but it can actually be quite interesting, since backing up of a distributed database (and restoring one, which is harder) and non trivial problems. I hope that I did justice to the topic.

Next, maybe even as soon as early next week is Chapter 18, operational recipes, which will cover all sort of single use case response from the operations team to how to deal with various scenarios inside RavenDB.

You can read the draft here and your feedback is always appreciated.

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