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RavenDB on the Cloud

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About 3 years ago, RavenDB launched as 1.0 release. A few weeks ago, we had our 2.0 release.

And now… well, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that we now have an additional RavenDB as a Service provider, in addition to RavenHQ. there is also Cloud Bird.

You can get hosted RavenDB (both 1.0 and 2.0), directly or via AppHarbor (if you are already using it).

This is very exciting, and I am very happy to see 3rd parties coming into the RavenDB eco system and offering a easy way for you to get up and running with basically no effort.

And just to clear things up, because I get it a lot. Both RavenHQ and CloudBird are separate companies, they aren’t subsidiaries of Hibernating Rhinos and while we obviously worked closely with both to get this offering out, they are distinct from us. This is mainly an attempt to stop getting “My DB says it is too big, what happened” emails from landing in my mailbox.

Go and try it right now, you can sign up for a free database in just a few seconds…



Does any of them work as a Heroku add-on?


Does any of them work as a Heroku add-on?

Ayende Rahien

Configurator, The API is essentially the same, I would be surprised if it was possible.

Judah Gabriel Himango

It's also possible to run Raven in Windows Azure. Easiest path I've found is to host a virtual machine and run Raven in it. Took about 15 minutes to figure out from start to finish.

Daniel Lang

I will not give my data to a company that doesn't even show a single human name, not even on their blog posts. How could I know those people (maybe just one guy?) are serious about what they're doing?

Ayende Rahien

@Daniel, you're right.

We'll include more company information on both RavenHQ and on the RavenDB site soon. To clarify, RavenHQ closely affilated with RavenDB. When we started RavenHQ, I decided to keep it separate from Hibernating Rhinos to promote growth in the hosting space.

However, RavenHQ and the RavenDB product team work very closely together. Make no mistake. We're very serious about our hosting offering.

I have also passed your message to the CloudBird guys.

Andrew Smith

Hi @Daniel. I'm Andrew Smith (@emertechie), one of the co-founders of CloudBird along with David Walker. Speaking from CloudBird's POV, I agree - we haven't done enough on our own site or in the community yet to give you more background on ourselves.

We've been totally focused on our Production release - making sure it's rock solid and also that it has all the behind-the-scenes ops and monitoring capabilities that aren't visible on the site itself. We’ll be blogging more on that very shortly. Believe me, we're very serious about our service.

On our Blog, we do sign off with our own names. It seems you just don't see it on the list view. We run on Raccoon so we should really send a pull request :)

If you want to get to know us more, we’re happy to talk to you on Skype as we’ve already done with lots of our customers.


Brian Coleman

I am a current user of RavenHQ and am wondering what the difference is between RavenHQ and CloudBird?

David Walker

@Brian, I'm the other founder of CloudBird, and obviously biased, but I'll try and give you a balanced view.

At the moment we only offer hosting in Europe so if you want a database hosted in the US you're better off with RavenHQ. They also have the ability to generate multiple api keys, including readonly keys, which we don't as yet.

There are a few things we do that RavenHQ don't. For example, we have support for hourly backups to your own S3 bucket and we offer free databases on both Raven 1 and 2 (last time I looked the RavenHQ free plan was only 1.0 and only in the US).

There are also differences in our plans and pricing that are worth considering but this probably isn't the place to be getting into too much detail on that.

We have more features coming up in the near future (as I'm sure do RavenHQ) so I'd suggest you evaluate both and make your decision based on what you see. If you want to give me a shout directly my email is david at cloudbird dot net. I'm always happy to hear feedback both good and bad.

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