RavenDB Cloud

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RavenDB now offers cloud hosting for RavenDB clusters. Manage your data with this awesome solution built by the RavenDB team. Access through cloud.ravendb.net.

A free option is available.

When I wrote the first few lines of code for RavenDB over a decade ago, Amazon Web Services still had the beta label on it and deploying to production meant a server in the basement. The landscape for server-side software has changed considerably. Nowadays you have to justify not running on the cloud. Originally, RavenDB’s features were driven by the kind of systems and setup found in a typical corporate data center. Now a lot of our features are directly impacted by the operating environment in the various cloud platforms.

The same team that develops RavenDB itself now offers a database as a service solution (DBaaS) that can be found at cloud.ravendb.net. Our service offering is available on all Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure regions, with Google Cloud Platform soon to follow.

What do you get?

You get a fully managed service. We take care of all backend chores of your databases while you focus on building your applications to deliver even more value to your business.

We have done everything possible to make sure that the only task you’ll need to do is come up with the data to put into RavenDB Cloud. Tasks such as monitoring, updating or managing the system, and even creating a default backup task per database, are the responsibility of our team and are handled without a fuss behind the scenes.

The DBaaS package includes encryption over the wire as well as encryption at rest -- you can also deploy encrypted databases with your own encryption keys.

The idea of dynamic scaling in managed systems has been a core tenant for cloud architecture, and RavenDB Cloud fits right into this model. In just a few clicks you can provision a cluster, deploy it to anywhere in the world, and start working. If you need more capacity, a simple click will provide you with more resources -- without your code or your customers even being aware.

If you have a Black Friday event or a special discount day coming, you can scale up your system ahead of time. If during that day you are pleasantly surprised with more than anticipated activity, you can power through the spike by scaling immediately and then reduce the capacity back to normal levels once the peak is traversed.

But RavenDB Cloud is not just about reducing the overhead of running databases -- we built RavenDB Cloud to save you money. As a highly tuned system, you can manage your load on fewer resources, which also translates into more savings down the line.

Pricing Model

Our cloud offering has an on-demand subscription as well as discounts for yearly contracts. A 10% introductory discount is now available, lasting to the rest of this year.

Some hosted databases solutions charge you per request or per maximum utilized capacity. Such solutions are complex to understand when it comes to billing time. I intensely dislike complexity -- especially when it comes to bills! Price predictability is important to us. With RavenDB Cloud, you pay for your resources at a flat and known rate to make sure there won’t be any surprises at the end of the month.

The RavenDB instances can be configured a-la-carte, according to your needs. A tailored solution with geo distributed clusters, support for on-premise & cloud integration, widely distributed deployments and custom instance types is only an email away.

RavenDB Cloud has several tiers of clusters available. If you are running a small to medium sized application, you can go with our basic instances and enjoy a reduced cost. For more demanding workloads, you can use more performant instances that have full access to the cloud resources to get maximum performance.

RavenDB Cloud also has a completely free option. Go to cloud.ravendb.net and select the free option. You’ll have your own secured, managed and hassle-free instance of RavenDB in moments. Go ahead and try it out right now.

What about RavenHQ?

RavenHQ has been providing managed RavenDB instances since 2012. It will continue offering RavenDB hosting for version 3.5 and earlier. RavenDB Cloud will provide managed clusters for RavenDB 4.2 and up.

Migrating from a RavenDB 4.x instance hosted on RavenHQ to RavenDB Cloud is simple and can be done in just a few clicks.

Not only will migrating to RavenDB Cloud not cost you anything extra, for most cases your new managed database service will be cheaper than what you had before.