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RavenHQ goes beta–RavenDB reaches the cloud

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One of the things that we have been doing lately was providing solutions for cloud hosted RavenDB. I am very proud to announce the public beta phase of RavenHQ, a cloud based, fully managed RavenDB service.


Currently it is available on AppHarbor only, and I must emphasis that this is still a beta, so you might run into some road bumps, but we have a really good team working on this.

Actually, here is an important detail, about this offering.

Hibernating Rhinos (the company who is actually doing the development of RavenDB) is at heart a development / consulting company. We didn’t want to try to break apart something good, so we setup a new company dedicated for running RavenDB on the cloud, RavenHQ.

Why do you care about this? Because it means that while the RavenDB development team is available for any problem that you might run into, RavenHQ is actually stuffed by people whose job is merely to make sure that all your databases are humming along nicely, and not a developer who is 15% of watching what is going on in that server somewhere on the cloud.

I collaborated in RavenHQ with Jonathan Matheus (NSeviceBus Committer and an all around cool guy) to create something that I feel will be really awesome.

As I said before, we are currently offering RavenHQ on App Harbor only, but we will soon open it for general registration. In the meantime, this is called beta for a reason.

It is hard to test cloud based stuff in a lab, so after we have made sure that everything works, the next step is to see if you can break it. I am assuming the worse at that you will manage to break it in all sorts of creative ways. Please give us a short amount of grace period to make sure that we can match our internal workings to how people are actually using us.

Have an awesome weekend!


John Atten


I have been excited for RavenHQ to go live. I am working hard to get my mind around the non-relational model, and I look forward to experimenting with the cloud-based version of your Db.

Keep up the great work.

Bob Horn

NICE! This will be one less thing I have to worry about. I'm exactly that developer who is paying attention to the DB 15% of the time. I back up our RavenDB every Tuesday, or when I notice someone has made a lot of changes. I'm really looking forward to this. Is there a pricing model?


Will the RavenHQ be a high-availability offering?

Ayende Rahien

Bob, You can find the pricing in AppHarbor and on RavenHQ site.

Ayende Rahien

Mike, Yes, it will. We intend to offer replicated, HA, plans soon (week or two at most);


Very nice, having options is always appreciated.

Some more description on https://ravenhq.com/Home/Pricing would be great for the average user, for example what do you exactly mean by "replicated"?

Just to nitpick, you should fix the red colour in the logo underneath the cloud so it matches the original logo. It bothers me ;-)

Scott Scowden

What would be the advantage of hosting with App Harbor or eventually with Raven HQ when it's live?

Daniel Lang

There're a few questions that bother me: - Which version of RavenDB will I get and will it auto-update (if so, I guess that's not so good because there could be breaking changes that I need to fix then) - Is there a way to use custom plugins with RavenHQ? - Where are the servers running (considering ping from US-Europe)?

Ayende Rahien

Scott, With AppHarbor, you can't really keep data locally, you have to use some sort of a cloud service for that. RavenHQ is ideal for that because we manages everything for you.

For applications outside of AppHarbor. It means that you can just ask for a db, and get it in under a minute (including sign up), and you don't have to worry about any operational details

Ayende Rahien

Daniel, It currently uses 65x, IIRC. It will auto update, and yes, you'll get notified about this in advanced. We will make sure that any breaking changes are mitigated, if there are any.

There will be a way to add custom plugin, but that is down the road and will likely be part of a dedicated plan.

Currently we are hosting in US East, but we will expand to multiple availability zones based on demand.


License Question: Would I need to Purchase a Commercial License to use this when not making an Open Source Website? Basically is the price all inclusive no matter the kind of project I plan to use it with?

Ayende Rahien

Rangoric, RavenHQ deals with all of the licensing issues. You don't have to worry about it. Yes, the price is all inclusive and you just deal with RavenHQ and don't worry about the licenses.


Where is the ravenhq located? Would it work well in running the site on european hosting and using ravenhq?


Ops ok i saw now that the Q had been asked.

Ayende Rahien

Kim, We are currently hosting in US-East. We will add a European site soon.

 Anthony Your

I saw the pricing model. How is the space calculated? Is it the size of the the data folder minus the logs?

Ayende Rahien

Anothony, the database size is calculated based on the data size and the indexes size. The logs are not counted for that amount.

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