RavenHQ goes beta–RavenDB reaches the cloud

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One of the things that we have been doing lately was providing solutions for cloud hosted RavenDB. I am very proud to announce the public beta phase of RavenHQ, a cloud based, fully managed RavenDB service.


Currently it is available on AppHarbor only, and I must emphasis that this is still a beta, so you might run into some road bumps, but we have a really good team working on this.

Actually, here is an important detail, about this offering.

Hibernating Rhinos (the company who is actually doing the development of RavenDB) is at heart a development / consulting company. We didn’t want to try to break apart something good, so we setup a new company dedicated for running RavenDB on the cloud, RavenHQ.

Why do you care about this? Because it means that while the RavenDB development team is available for any problem that you might run into, RavenHQ is actually stuffed by people whose job is merely to make sure that all your databases are humming along nicely, and not a developer who is 15% of watching what is going on in that server somewhere on the cloud.

I collaborated in RavenHQ with Jonathan Matheus (NSeviceBus Committer and an all around cool guy) to create something that I feel will be really awesome.

As I said before, we are currently offering RavenHQ on App Harbor only, but we will soon open it for general registration. In the meantime, this is called beta for a reason.

It is hard to test cloud based stuff in a lab, so after we have made sure that everything works, the next step is to see if you can break it. I am assuming the worse at that you will manage to break it in all sorts of creative ways. Please give us a short amount of grace period to make sure that we can match our internal workings to how people are actually using us.

Have an awesome weekend!