Movie ReviewHarry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

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I went to see Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, since I thoroughly enjoyed the books. I'm in two minds about the movie, though.

The good things about it is that it's a beautiful movie, the scenes are breath-takingly beautiful, and the atmosphere is just right for each and every scene. It really put life into some of the scenes in the book. The dragon flight was especially amazing.

The bad things about it is that it has cut about 50% of the book's plot, including a lot of stuff that you probably need to understand if you haven't read the book. It gets worse because the scenes just jump from one scene to another, with little or no connection. This was especially jarring since I did read the book, and things that should've happened didn't happen.

I understand the limitations on a movie's length, but I just don't think that the movie does the book justice. And I can't help but wonder how much would be cut from the new movies, which are even longer than the first four.

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