Movie ReviewStar Wars 1-6

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To celebrate my newfound freedom I've had a two days marathon of the six Star Wars movies. I've never seen the recent batch, and the last time I saw the old Star Wars movies was when I was ~11.

I was certainly entertained, but I don't understand all the big noise around it. The plot normal SciFi one, designed to show off as many special effects as possible. Some of the things in the movies that really bothered me are:

  • Blatant disregard of the laws of physics - I'm not talking about what they are doing with the Force, I'm talking about ignoring such things as gravity and failing to explain how this is done.
  • Being a Jedi sucks -  You get a cool weapon, a sucky job and you are not allowed to form attachments. Sorry, this doesn't work on a large scale if you are dealing with sentient beings. In addition to that, considering that the Force is supposed to be inherited trait, forbidding the Jedi from marrying & having children would cull the ability out.
  • Androids are just plain weird - I can accept a robot that has emotions, Asimov did it very successfully. What I can't accept is a robot that show fear of pain, can't create a decent backup to save its life and in general acts like a human in a steel skin.
  • Anakin's virgin birth - Yuck! Did they have to put that stuff there?
  • Holes in the plot you can drive the Entreprise through.

The special effects are spectaculars, and the way the renewed the original movies is amazing, the only visible difference is that the battles' choreography, which is much reduced in the original movies.

All in all, what was all that noise about?

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