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So I went to see Eragon today, after reading the book about a year or so ago.

This is visually a very impressive movie. The dragon is easily the most realistic looking and beautiful creature that I have seen recently. There are some really amazing scenes with regards to special effects (the fights with the dragons is wonderful, for instnace).

There are several problems with this movie, every now and then a character says something that is cliche that I cringe ("We can do it, together!", etc), or acting in a completely stupid way (but he is 17, he is allowed).

The bigger problem is that there is about an hour of missing scenes in the movies. The hero goes from being a hubmle farm boy to a dragon rider in a matter of 10 minutes or so, and the dragons grows from the size of a dog to the size of your house in a matter of seconds. There is very little character development, and there is a lot of plot missing.

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