Windows Grep

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When I wanted to change Boo On Rails to Brail I needed some utility to do all those text replacements for me. I don't trust Windows Search, and while MSN Desktop Search is cool, it's not suited for search & replace job (and I forgot to tell it to index .boo files, so it didn't help anyway).

I thought about grep, and sent out to find a windows version. I found many ports, but none that seems to fit what I wanted (a simple recursive find in all files), then I found Windows Grep. This is one powerful package with really nice GUI. It allows you do regex search & replace on multiply files, which is really nice, and there are no arcane commands to remember.

On thing to note, don't use the Basic interface, as this is something that is taken from the Windows 3.11 days, use the Expert mode, and you'll get a modern UI.