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The Big Event is just a week away

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I am getting married on the 29th May, which is just a week away. You may notice a decline in the number of posts to this blog (and general activity for work related stuff) around that time frame.

For quite some time, I had to… endure certain types of jokes about what would happen when I would get married. Given the choice between my own happiness and the desires of some members of the development community to see me in a dark room eating pizza and working at all hours, I know what I would take… Smile

Never the less, as a consolation prize to those people, and as a way to spread my happiness, the following coupon code with give you 29% discount for all the profilers (NH Prof, EF Prof, L2S Prof, LLBLGen Prof, Hibernate Prof): WDG-45K2D467C5

The coupon works for single license purchases, and it is only valid until the 1st of June.


Uri Goldstein

Congratulations! Wishing you and your future wife success and happiness in your marriage at least as much as your romance with programming and .net have enjoyed so far :)


im sure i can speak for the whole internet when i say Mazel Tov and congrads!

Anand Powar

Congrats Ayende, have a happy married life :)


Whoa! Ayende, this entry will be probably the most cited blog entry in the forthcoming week :) Happy to read it. Congratulations and don't forget about your children, I meant projects :P


Just celebrated my 11th anniversary. Congrats. I wish you and your wife many, many happy years together. As always thanks for all your insights.

Simone Chiaretta

Congrats man!!! Wish you two an happy life! Is there something behind the 29% discount? I mean, behind the number itself: why not 30 or 25?

Omer van Kloeten

Congratulations, Oren :) Mazal Tov and all the best in your upcoming married life!

Jef Claes


@Stefano: He should have married the 31st Juli then ;)


It could be related to the date of the deed..

Also, Congratulations!

Alex Vilela


Being married is really wonderful. There's little room for refactorings though!

David White

This could be the proof we've been awaiting, Oren -- that you're actually human and have a life! Have fun spawning processes. ;-)

Rory Becker

Indeed I also wish you and your future wife the very best for the future.

Marcus Hammarberg

Congratulations and God bless you both!

Is she a developer?


Conjugal Bliss


Congratulations! All the best and hi from Yekaterinburg.

Huberto Kusters

Congratulations...I hope this will result in a lot of healthy kids so that the internet community can enjoy the same wonderful ideas for years to come.


Congrats Oren, wish you all the happiness and joys of married life.


Serious congratulations. May you and your soon wife be blessed and happy.

James Kovacs

Congrats, my friend! Wonderful news! All the best.

David Seruyange

Congratulations Oren, all the best for you and your soon to be wife.

Glenn Block

Congratulations man!

Very happy that you have found that there is life after code. Best advice I can give, have lots of patience. Wish you many happy years.


Congratulations and all the best for you two.

Adam D.

Congratulations! Great news!

D'Arcy from Winnipeg

Congrats! I fully expect the wedding reception to be stocked with interesting blue-coloured drinks! ;)


Malisa Ncube

Congratulations! Wishing you a happy married life.

Patrick Smacchia

Congratulation Ayende! Wish both of you all the best

Chris Patterson

Ah, what would a geek wedding be without a stream of jokes about spawning, forking, and joining.

Seriously, have a great wedding and enjoy some time with your new partner. We'll give you a break from blogging until the 3rd of June, after which we'll expect some fresh new content. :)

Scott W White

Congratulations and best wishes starting your family. May you always get your way :-)


Congratulations, Ayende!


Many many congratulations, and hope many good years ahead.

Dror Helper

Congratulations and Mazal Tov, to you and your new to be wife.


Congrats, Mazel Tov and all the best!


Congrats. Do marriage ceremonies in Israel still take several days? I believe I once heard that the whole thing takes 3 days..

Simone Chiaretta

@stefano: Yeah.. 29th of May ... why didn't I think of it... well it was Sunday morning :)

Patrick Huizinga


plz send me the invitations


Congratulations and hopefully you both will enjoy it :-).

Ryan Heath

Congrats and wish you and your wife a happy and healthy marriage life! I hope the little Ayendes will follow their fathers footsteps, what will await us? ;)

// Ryan

Nikos Baxevanis

Congratulations, all the best! Very good news!!


Congratulations Oren.


Congratulations, best wished to you and your wife.

Alex Simkin

Congratulations! Finally!

Parag Mehta

Congrats Ayende! Hopefully you can stay productive even after marriage. Most of us, couldn't be as productive after marriage.


Congrats Ayende!


Congrats Oren!


Congratulations, Oren!


Congratulations Oren. I hope it will be a wonderful day and everyday thereafter.

Liang Wu

Congratulation! So happy for you

Seth Juarez

Dude! I didn't even get an invite!?!? Congratulations my friend!


Congratulations. And thanks - I might just take you up on the discount offer.

Caleb Jenkins

Congrats Oren! Pay no attention to the internets and their MOCKing... oh hey. :-)


Congratulations!!! 恭喜!!!


Congrats! I wish you all the best. I wonder if the wedding cake will have a Rhino worked in?

Rob Kent

Congratulations. Hope everything compiles successfully for you both :)

var half = new [] { "oren" };
var otherHalf = new[] { "another" };
var happyCouple = half.Where(s => half.GetType().IsAssignableFrom(otherHalf.GetType())) .Union(otherHalf, StringComparer.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase) .Select(s => new { Couple=string.Format("{0}+{1}", half.Single(), otherHalf.Single())}) .First() .Couple;

Congrats Oren! wish u a fruitful one!


Many congratulations. Hope you have a wonderful married life


All the best!



"desires of some members of the development community to see me in a dark room eating pizza and working at all hours"

You make it sound like there's something wrong with that.

Steve Wagner

Congrats Oren, then you married right one week after me :-)


Mazel tov, Oren! May she bring you much happiness! And don't even think of blogging on your honeymoon. :-)

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