The Big Event is just a week away

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I am getting married on the 29th May, which is just a week away. You may notice a decline in the number of posts to this blog (and general activity for work related stuff) around that time frame.

For quite some time, I had to… endure certain types of jokes about what would happen when I would get married. Given the choice between my own happiness and the desires of some members of the development community to see me in a dark room eating pizza and working at all hours, I know what I would take… Smile

Never the less, as a consolation prize to those people, and as a way to spread my happiness, the following coupon code with give you 29% discount for all the profilers (NH Prof, EF Prof, L2S Prof, LLBLGen Prof, Hibernate Prof): WDG-45K2D467C5

The coupon works for single license purchases, and it is only valid until the 1st of June.