And now… Raccoon Blog

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One of the things that people kept bugging me about is that I am not building applications any longer, another annoyance was with my current setup using this blog.

Basically, my own usage pattern is quite different than most people. I tend to post to the blog in batches, usually of five or ten blog posts in a short amount of time. That means that future posts are pretty important to me, and that scheduling posts is something that I care deeply about. I managed to hack Subtext to do my bidding in that regard, but it was never perfect, and re-scheduling posts was always a pain in the ass.

Then there is RavenDB, and my desire to run on it…

What this means, in short, is that we now have the Raccoon Blog, which is a blog application suited specifically for my own needs, running on MVC 3 and with a RavenDB backend.

By the time you read it, it will already be running our company blog and it is scheduled to run this week.

What is Raccoon Blog?

It is a blog application running on top of RavenDB store and tailored specifically for our needs.

  • Strong scheduling features
  • Strong re-scheduling features
  • Support multiple authors in a single blog
  • Single blog per site (no multi blog support)
  • Recaptcha support
  • Markdown support for comments (you’ll be able to post code!)
  • Easy section support (for custom sidebar content)
  • Smart tagging support

And just for fun:

  • Fully HTML 5 compliant