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Hibernating Rhinos Webcasts

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Originally posted at 5/12/2011

Since I am removing the ayende.com site (in favor of this blog), I’m using this post to note where you can still download the Hibernating Rhinos webcasts.


Lee Witherington

Somehow I have managed to miss these in the past. Looking forward to watching them. Thanking You :)


May be you want to check your RSS? Google reader shows I have 40 unread items!


I can no longer find the Rhino Mocks documentation. It appears your new blog relaunch has rearranged your site a bit, and most (perhaps all) Google results to your site get redirected to your blog's front page.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd restore the documentation.


Link from google reader to full article brings me to page with error, see below. Also there are better ways to check if user is human then captcha...

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Marius Šlepikas

For me personally this new blog version is much slower that old one. All those "tweet" and "share" buttons slow down browser a lot (Chrome 13.0.761.0)


Is there a video version of the web-case? You're doing a lot of coding there, but I'm only hearing the audio; and I get the impression that there is a visual for me to see and follow.


I have just downloaded one of the videos, and like Hansel, I only get the audio part of it... Could you help me with a link to a player that accepts the format?

Ayende Rahien

You probably need the codec: http://www.techsmith.com/codecs.asp


Hi Ayende:

Question: In your various presentations, you are really advocating more use of message oriented architecture; and I understand the reasons.

However, it is not clear how and if we should use it in the context of web apps that are stateless in nature--you can't call back in the regular sense of the word. Any thoughts?

What I've done in the past is to use a synchronous abstraction that blocks and waits for a reply from the queue. Sometimes, I'm wondering if it is not too heavy, since if I make it synchronous, I'm not getting the full benefit of a messaging architecture.

Is this something that should not be used in web clients?

Ayende Rahien

Hansel, That really depends on the type of application that you are using. In general, for async stuff, you want to poll periodically from the client, that moves the load to the client, not the server.

But for the most part, web apps should be able to handle requests out of their own resources, without relying on external services.

Sumit Gupta

Looking forward to watching this series. Thanks!

When did this Hibernating Rhinos Webcasts originated?

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