Don’t TOUCH that debugger, you moron, READ the exception stack

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There is a tendency to reach the debugger for every error that you run, but in most cases, it is the exception (and the exception stack) that provides enough to solve the problem in 99% of the cases.

Case in point, I made some changes to Uber Prof and run the tests. For various reasons, I had to reinstall SQLExpress, and all the Java related tests failed, throwing up copious amount of error text in my lap. I cringe when they do that, because it means having to setup the Java environment and having to check how to do things like real debugging in Java (something I have very little knowledge of).

I did just that, spending over an hour getting things to a position where I could run everything properly. Then I run a scenario and got an error, then I looked at the exception stack:


Moron, did I mention already?