NHibernate Quick-start Workshop - November 1th

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Tikal is delighted to invite you to join our .NET open source workshop on November 1th , lead by Oren Eini (Ayende Rahien) and other Tikal .NET experts.

Tikal offers a set of software development tools and methodologies that enable .NET developers to integrate open source software modules into their native .Net environment.

We invite you to join our .NET open source workshop, which will equip you all the knowledge required for using open source tools to develop excellent .NET applications quickly and effectively.

The workshop will include diverse topics such as:

  • NHibernate hands on training, covering assimilation of the ORM framework to your product.
  • S#harp Architecture introduction.
  • Assessment of your application development needs and where open source tools can fit in.

Read more about the workshop here.