NHibernate – Help us see who is using it

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One of the most frustrating things about working on Open Source projects is that you don’t have feedback about your users unless they have a problem. During my Progressive.NET NHibernate workshop, there was hardly place in a big room, and talking about this issue with the attendees afterward, I kept hearing things like: “I have seen NHibernate used in my last 3 jobs”, or “We have been using NHibernate for the last 2 years.”

On the one hand, it is heartwarming to hear that, on the other, it is incredibly frustrating not knowing.

If you are using NHibernate, I would like to ask two things out of you:

  • Register yourself as an NHibernate user in ohloh by clicking this link:
  • And please register your experience with NHibernate in our Success Stories page.

This is not a lot to ask, I feel, and it would make the NHibernate team feel much more appreciated.