Thinking out load: Any interest in an NHibernate Course?

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Advance warning: I have not run this by anyone, and I have no idea if this is even possible.

I mentioned that I am going to do an advanced NHibernate course in a couple of weeks. That is probably going to be a private one, for a client of us (well, a client of We! :-) ).

Among my favoraite passtimes there is talking, and talking to a crowd is something that I had to deal with* and learned to enjoy. Seeing the response for my Active Record talk and the NHibernate's course that I am doing, I wondered if there will be any interest in an NHibernate course. Something that can take a developer from "I heard about NHibernate, it is this new hibernation feature in Vista" to leveraging NHibernate in real world application. Including all the pitfalls, best practices, etc that I have run into. I believe that I have both the professional knowledge to do so, as well as the ability to teach developers the right & easy way to work with NHibernate.

I have done such a course before (private one), and you can see some of the presentations here. The company where I run this course is now using NHibernate as the primary - and nearly exclusive - data access framework for a very big project (with very big stategic implications).

Like I said, this is currently wishful thinking, since I thought about the idea of doing this roughly an hour ago. What I would like to find out now is if there are developers out there who think that they could benefit from this. So, if you are interested, I would appriciate it if you could leave me a comment (or contact me directly, by email or phone) tell me so, and how many people you think would be interested in this.

What happens if you are from outside of Israel? That does complicate matters, but I can see two options. Doing it over the web, or going wherever to do it. Again, drop me a line if you want this.

Like I said, this is currently just something that I think would be really nice and fun to do. I would like to make this happen, but I need some head count to show that this is a feasible idea. Feel free to tell me if this is going in completely the wrong direction.

* Interesting story there, I can't recall if I already posted about it. And there is too much stuff here to find out.