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Core NHibernatePersistence with NHibernate

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I can't believe that I didn't mention this before. I am partnering with Skills Matter to create a course about using NHibernate.

You can see the full details here.

The first run is in London in May, followed by Norway in June and London again in August. After that I stopped tracking, but it is very frequent.

This is a three days course that is meant for developers who want to get into NHibernate. I am going to assume zero NHibernate knowledge and take you to the spot where you can build NHibernate applications on your own.

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Bart Reyserhove

Any plans for an advanced NHibernate course?


Will you be giving that course in Paris anytime? I'm asking because I only see London, Norway and Aarthus and perhaps there are some more future courses that aren't shown?

Ayende Rahien


Yes, there are, but here we run into a problem.

What constitute advanced NHibernate? Complex mapping? Extending NHibernate? Building flexible apps with NHibernate?

There are too many options :-)

Ted Jardine

Are you going to be on the west coast in North America sometime?

Ayende Rahien


Right now it is not planned, but Skills Matter does have an office in Paris, so we can make it happen if there is enough demand.


If you ever do a course on good development practices, patterns etc. then I'd be willing to travel all the way down to London from Scotland to attend that. Is that something you have planned?


Any chance you're doing The Netherlands or just anything near it? I'm not a beginner with NHibernate, but I like courses like these because they refresh my memory.

London is not a option for me. I boycott the UK because they refused access to an European citizen and Dutch parliamentarian (Geert Wilders).



Any chance of this happening in Romania?

Wesley Van den Eede

Super! Skills Matter is an amazing initiative. They provide super courses given by excellent people. This partnership is again prove of that.

I'm already using nhibernate for some time now, but i wouldn't want to miss out on this one.

Registered for the May run instantly, looking forward to meeting you there.

  1. Will you be showing Fluent Nhibernate as well? It should mature a lot more until may. I don't see it in the "mapping" options...and it certainly brings a lot to the table.

  2. Will NHibernate 2.1 be out in may? As I see you will be showing examples in HQL. I thought LINQ provider will be ready to go in may (there is some mentioning on NH contribution and LINQ, I thought it'll be already in the branch by that day...)

I'm in London but undecided to attend, promise me something exciting please ;)


@ Dave

"London is not a option for me. I boycott the UK because they refused access to an European citizen and Dutch parliamentarian (Geert Wilders)."

It's pretty shocking, people from the UK are outraged at this too. Only another year and a half maximum until the home secretary and her other corrupt cronies are gone though.

Paulo Quicoli

Man.... you needs come to Brazil :)

Ayende Rahien


Same thing as said to Configurator, ask Skills Matter, and we will see what can be arranged.

Ayende Rahien


Yes, I'll show FN.

And I'll show a lot of HQL and Linq

Bart Reyserhove

Since you master all the topics, you could do it the agile way and let the audience decide at the beginning of the course ;-).

Ayende Rahien

I actually do that, the problem is that I would need time to perp examples

Fritz Schenk

As to the advanced course, I don't know whether the current curse includes complex object graphs that require for the ORM to create more that the usual joins. Perhaps needing temporary tables and/or nested clauses.

I think you writing is superb - very cliear understanding of concepts.

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