Advanced NHibernate Course

time to read 9 min | 1712 words

I am preparing a course for developers who already know NHibernate, but wants to get deeper. I would appriciate any comments.


·         Understanding how NHibernate Works:

o   Lazy loading – collections

o   Lazy loading – classes

§  Runtime inheritance

§  Proxy Validation

o   The reflection optimizer

o   Identity generator implications

o   The session cache

·         The second level cache:

o   Entities

o   Collections

o   Queries

o   Invalidation strategies

o   Utilizing the 2nd level cache in queries

·         Optimization Techniques:

o   Brute force:

§  Define batching

§  Join / Select

o   Batching updates

o   Eager loading strategies

·         Querying with NHibernate:

o   HQL

o   Criteria API

o   NHQG Queries